Wednesday, 19 December 2007


Why not
I don't intend to get a domain name for this blog as of the moment. Hari po kasi ako ng kakuriputan. I'm also content with getting freebies. You know what they say--great things in life are libre!

Why make another site that aggregates text messages?
In my defense, I didn't know that there are blogs that also aggregates text messages sent and received by Filipinos. Now that I do know about it, I think the answer to that is because it's a really fun thing for me to do: you share your passion to the world and, somehow, in one way or another, you have helped your readers in brightening up their day. It's like a gift or a happy project even.

Why the cute layout?
I consider this blog of mine as a present and I wanted the design to reflect as if it is one. The extra trimmings here and there are an added bonus. Gifts should be well-thought of when presented, me thinks.

Why do you have advertisements?
Four words, dear: it pays the bills.

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