Saturday, 21 June 2008

Masakit Mahalin Ang Taong Hindi Ka...

Masakit mahalin ang taong hindi ka mahal. Nkakapagod lang umasa. Pero kahit umiwas ka na, may mas sasakit pa ba?

Kapag tumama yung siko mo sa kanto ng mesa? Nakakapanghina, 'di ba? May kuryente pa! Ü

When Something Goes Wrong...

When something goes wrong, it's more important to decide who is going to start fixing things rather than thinking who you're going to blame for it.

Some Heart Feels So Lost...

Some hearts feels so lost, so sad, so alone, so incomplete. Me? I used to be one of them; but, now I am totally dead. No more heart to be broken.

I Am A Virus And I Am Entering...

I am a virus and I am entering your brain now.


Toot... Toot...

Mission failed! No brain found!

Wahahaha! Peace tayo! Ü

I Always Remember People In...

I always remember people in my prayers. Those special, those important, those I value, those I care for, those I think of, and you're lucky that you're one of them. Good day! :)

When You Pray...

When you pray, move your feet. - Old African proverb

The Important Thing Is Not To Be...

The important thing is not to be bitter over life's difficulties. Learn to let go of the past and recognize that everyday won't be sunny. And when you find yourself lost in darkness and despair, remember, it's only in the black of night that you can see the stars and those stars will lead you back home. So, don't be afraid to make mistakes, to stumble, to fall, because most of the time, the greatest rewards come from doing things that scare you the most.

One of the Simplest Ways to...

One of the simplest ways to stay happy is to just let go of the things that makes you sad. Hard, but it is the truth.

You Better Live Your Best And Act...

You better live your best and act your best and think your best today; for today is the sure preparation for tomorrow and all other tomorrows that follow. - James Maritineau

Thought Peace Is Very Important In...

Thought Peace is very important in our lives. Kasi without Thought Peace, paano tayo makakapag Thought Brass, 'di ba?

Tamang corny, wahahaha! :D

My Biggest Hope Is To See...

My biggest hope is to see your smile and to know that you are happy. I know life is sometimes cruel, but that is why I am here for you--to show you that life can be good when somebody cares.

Awwww *^_^*

Isang Araw, Nag-Usap Ang Dalawang...

Isang araw, nag-usap ang dalawang bading tungkol sa ice cream...

Beki: Ano kaya kung naging ice cream tayo?
Badidang: Ay, day! Ice cream aketch ng McDo noh!
Beki: Chikadora! Baket naman?!
Badidang: Because I'm simply McFLIRTY!
Beki: Chos! Ang taray! Echusera! But huwait, di aketch papatalo noh. I'm Jollibee's best sundae!
Badidang: Ay, choose-y kaw ha! Kemedora ka! Bakit naman, ate?!
Beki: Sish, dahil ako ang nag-iisang SWIRLY BITCH!

Nyehehehe Ü

Mommy, Do Angels Fly?

"Mommy, do angels fly?" asked a son to his mom.

"Yes, son, they do," ang sagot ng Mom niya.

"Kung gayon, e why does Dad call yaya 'My Angel', yet she does not fly naman?" ang banat ng bata.

"Son," ani ng Mom ng bata, "now you'll see your yaya fly."

Tapos kang yaya ka! Hahahaha Ü

Huwag Kang Malulungkot O Magdaramdam...

Huwag kang malulungkot o magdaramdam kapag ikaw ay nag-iisa. Sapagkat sa mata ng duling, lahat tayo ay dalawa. Tandaan: hangga't may mga duling, hindi ka nag-iisa.

Happy araw!

When We Accept The Sufferings...

When we accept the sufferings allowed by God for our betterment, we spare ourselves greater sufferings. - J. Philip

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Night And Day I wander On The...

Night and day I wander on the streets, walking aimlessly. Walking through a path all alone without certainty.

People judge me by how I look and what I wear, but, hey, I don't mind because it's my style.

Alone as they see me without any company... But are they as free as me.

- Nag-eemote na Taong Grasa. Hanep! :P

There's Always One Thing To...

There's always one thing to be thankful for everyday... that is being able to open your eyes and see the beauty of life under God's grace. c:

In Life, You Have Two Loves...

In life, you have two loves: the one who changes the way you see yourself and the world AND the other who puts you back together after you have lost the first.

Doctor, Old Man, and Jar...

The Doctor gave a jar to an old man, who is his patient, to take home for his sperm count. The next day, the old man returned the jar empty.

Doctor: Why empty?
Old Man: I used one hand, then both hands, but it didn't work. I asked my maid then. She used her hands, mouth, even things, but nothing! I even asked my driver!
Doctor: Your driver?!
Old Man: Yes! Even he couldn't open that stupid jar of yours!

Akala ko kung ano na, hehehe :P

A Very Short Fairy Tale...

A very short fairy tale...

The boy gets his girlfriend preggers, so he asked his girlfriend, "Will you marry me?"

The girl then quickly retorted, "NO!"

And the boy lived happily ever after. Hehehe :D

Every Time I Hear People...

Every time I hear people say, "What a small world," I kept on wondering... if the world is indeed small, why is it that most of us haven't found what makes us happy? :(

When You Have A Problem...

When you have a problem, don't hesitate to tell it to people you cannot live without. You have friends and loved ones that you can depend on.

So even if you say you need nobody, you're dead wrong.

Remember what Bow Wow said to Souljaboy?

"Everybody needs help. Even Superman." :)

You Must Make Corrections...

You must make corrections for inaccuracies without question and saying what you intend to do rather than asking what is next. These are signs of aviation maturity, of being in command. They are no different from other life skills, just applied at a higher altitude.

Life Can Be So Unfair...

Life can be so unfair.

Cooking a meal takes one hour, but eating it just takes 5 minutes...
Constructing a building takes 6 months, but blowing it up just takes 30 seconds...
Earning 10K takes 30 days, but paying the cashier 8K for a cellphone takes two seconds...

However, it's pretty much amazing that:

a one-second kiss on the cheek can make your week...
a five-second glimpse of your crush can make your day...
and a ten-second hug can take away your one-year pain.

I Cried Because I Had No...

I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man with no feet.

Life is full of blessings, but sometimes we are just too blind to appreciate them.

Good day po!

Juan, Pedro, at Pisil...

Juan: Tol! Akyat ka nga sa puno ta's pisilin mo yung bunga kung hinog na.
Pedro: (umakyat) Oo, 'tol! Hinog na!
Juan: Ayos! Dali, 'tol, baba ka na diyan... at sungkitin na natin!
Pedro: Sige!

Ay naku talaga... =)

Girl, Boy, at Tingin...

Girl: Hoy! Anong tinitingin-tingin mo diyan, aber?

Boy: Sorry, miss. Akala ko kasi maganda ka, hindi pala.

Buti nga :P

Pare 1, Pare 2, at Letter R...

Pare 1: Pards! Hulaan mo pangalan ko. Nagsisimula sa letter R.
Pare 2: Rene?
Pare 1: Mali!
Pare 2: Hmmm... Ronald?
Pare 1: Argh! Mali pa rin eh!
Pare 2: O, sige, sirit na.
Pare 1: ARman.

Anakng! Hangkorni! xD

Professor, Students, and Papasa...

Professor VS. Students

Students: Sir, papasa ba kami sa subject na ito?
Professor: Oo naman, sisiguraduhin ko iyon.

Mga estudyante ay nagsisaya at nagsihiyawan...

Professor: 'Di nga lang sabay-sabay.

Nyahahaha! ;D

Boy, Girl, at Janitor...

Two (2) students were caught naked and getting frisky in a classroom by a janitor.

Janitor: Aha! Violating school rules!
Boy and Girl: What friggin' rule?
Janitor: (thinks)...

Not wearing uniform!

Hahaha! Oo nga naman, tama si Manong Janitor! ;P

Saturday, 7 June 2008

I Cannot Promise That I Will Not...

I can't promise that I will not leave you. Sometimes, we need to say goodbye because we can't hold on to something until the end. But always remember, tropa pa rin tayo kahit Zero Sugar na ang Red Horse!

Wehehehe! Gandang araw, kaibigan! =)

Ang Utak Natin Mahalaga Lang Ang...

Ang utak natin mahalaga lang ang laman, mga bagay na mahirap kalimutan. Kaya wag ka magtataka kung wala ka sa utak ko.

Nasa puso kasi kita eh. Iba kasi ang naaalala sa iniingatan.

'Yan ang banat! hehehe ;D

I Know That You Are At Work In...

I know that you are at work in my life, Lord. Although the miracle I've been watching for didn't happen today, I know I'm one day closer to it! I'm one day closer to my answered prayer, and I'm not going to stay in an attitude of faith and keep trusting You to do what is best. Amen.

Husband, Wife, and Pagnanakaw...

Wife: Honey, ninakawan tayo ng katulong natin ng tuwalya nung umalis siya!
Husband: Mga tao ngayon! Wala na values, shet! Anong towel 'yun?
Wife: Yung kinuha natin sa Manila Hotel.

Hehehehe ;P

Take Care: The Lord Will Strengthen You...

TAKE CARE: The Lord will strengthen you each step along the way.
TAKE TIME: And let God's Spirit guide you gently day by day.
TAKE COURAGE: For the Lord has the power to help you heal and grow.
TAKE HEART: Because the love of God will never let you go.

Indeed, God loves you!

I Cannot Make Someone Love Me...

I cannot make someone love me forever. All I can do is show him who I am and what I feel.

And the next is up to him to realize my worth.

One Day, A Conversation Between A Teenager...

One day, a conversation between a teenager and his grandfather was heard...

The young man said, "Gee, GranPa! Your generation didn't have all these social diseases. You didn't have AIDS during your time. What did you wear to have safe sex?"

The wise old grandfather replied, "A wedding ring."

Didn't see that one coming, did you? ^_^

Being Happy With The Person You...

Being happy with the person you love is the greatest climax of life.

Do you know what climax is? It is the best feeling / part and yet it is the shortest...


Ganito Mag-Away Ang Mag-Syotang Matataas...

Ganito mag-away ang mag-syotang matataas ang IQ...

Boy: In Physics, I know we are also mater. We cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Kaya aalis n alang ako!
Girl: Bakit ganon? Geometrically, para tayong mga parallel lines. Why can't we meet at a common point?
Boy: Grammatically, your verbs and actions are incorrect that is why all of the subjects are affected!
Girl: Ayoko na! Chemically, you've reached my boiling point! Now, my heart is getting to its freezing point for you!

Hehe? ;)

Bakla 1, Bakla 2, at School Day!

Sa school...

Bakla 1: Friendshipness! Bakit parang ang puti yata ng mukha natin ngayon?

Bakla 2: Haaalllleeer! FOUNDATION DAY kaya ngayon! Duh?!

Nyahahahaha! Oo nga naman! :D

Bakit Gan'on Ang Pag-Ibig?

Bakit gan'on ang Pag-Ibig?

Kailangang masaktan, magparaya, magpasensiya, magpaloko, magpabulag, atbp.

Minsan tuloy naiisip ko, ayaw ko na sa Pag-Ibig! PhilHealth na nga lang!

Hihihihi :D

Sandali Lang Ang Buhay...

Sandali lang ang buhay.

Yang kainuman mo ngayon, mamaya uuwi na.
Yung kakulitan mo, mamaya malungkot na.
Yong tropa mong masaya, mamaya aalis na.

Pinakamasakit eh yung malapit na tao sa iyo, mamaya, wala na.

Kaya habang nandiyaan pa sila, hanggang abot kamay mo pa sila, hanggang nakikita mo pa sila, ipadama mo ang tuna na kahulugan ng pagsasama.

Awww, pards. Andrama! :(

In My Life, I Never Tried To Impress...

In my life, I never tried to impress someone for them to like me because when I do, I will have to keep that image for the rest of my life and it's hard to pretend to be someone that you are not.

I may not be that close to perfection like other people do, but who cares? It's not them whom I live for anyway! What matters is that I know myself and I know how I look like inside and out and I know my own worth.

This is me, as what they say," If you cannot handle me at my worst then you do not ever deserve me at my best."

Mom, Anak, Gulay, at Saranggola...

Mom: Anak, lutuin mo na itong mga gulay.
Anak: Mamaya na ho, ginagawa ko pa kasi ho 'tong Saranggola ni Pepe.
Mom: 'Nyeta naman! Bakit, makakain ba yang saranggolang 'yan?
Anak: Hinde! Bakit lilipad ba yang mga gulay na 'yan?! Siyets!

c",) hehehe

Dati Hindi Lahat Ng Lalaki Ay...

Dati, hindi lahat ng lalaki ay gwapo.

Ngayon, hindi lahat ng gwapo ay lalaki!

Hahahaha ;P

ü ö