Saturday, 24 May 2008

Sometimes, Someone Can Mean So...

Sometimes, someone can mean so much to you that even the truth can't change your mind.

Lalake, Babae, at Party Chair!

Sa party, nilapitan ng isang gwapong lalake ang isang babae.

Lalake: Sasayaw ka ba?

Tuwang-tuwa ang babae na tumayo at winikang, "YES!"

Lalake: Buti naman. Paupo ha!

Nyahehehehe ;D

I'm On A Mission To Avoid A...

I'm on a mission:

to avoid a grade of 5.0
to get rid of 3.0
to get not just 2.5
to go beyond 2.0
to aim more than 1.5
and this mission is...

Mission Impossible! Haha ;)

Always Remember That The Longer...

Always remember that the longer you stay with the things you don't really enjoy, equates to every moment you lose with what could be a happier life! ;D

Love Is The Weakest When...

Love is the weakest when there is more doubt and trust. Love is the strongest when you learn to trust despite all doubts.

I Never Gave Anyone A Reason...

I never gave anyone a reason to hate me. They just create their own little drama of pure insecurity. :P

A Smile Can Reduce Our...

A smile can reduce our pain and lighten our despair, but our trust in God gives us inner peace and joy beyond compare.

May you have the sweetest smile today! :D

Who Would Have Thought That You Were Once...

Who would have thought that you were once a stranger; someone I never knew existed. Who used to passed by me without even saying, "Hi," and now you're someone with whom I share one of the best friendship in my life. :)

Faith Draws The Poison From...

Faith draws the poison from every grief, takes the sting from every loss, and quenches the fire of every pain. Only faith can do it.

- S. G. Holland

Obeying God Sometimes Seems Like The...

Obeying God sometimes seems like the hardest road to take. But, in the long run, it is the only lifestyle that brings real peace and genuine joy!

Have a blessed day! ;)

Faith Is Like Swimming...

Faith is like swimming. If you struggle, you'll likely sink. If you rest, you'll float. So when you pray, don't beg or struggle, just simply believe. That's how faith works!

God bless you!

When I Think About What Love Has...

"When I think about what love has brought me, I remember the times that my only refuge is alcohol. It helps me forget about my pain and my misery. I forget about the person I have given the power to hurt me. Experience has taught me to be wise, and I keep with me one hard earned lesson amidst my drunken stupor--giving too much of myself to somebody is almost the same as suicide."

~ Realizations of an alcoholic

Patience, In Greek, Figuratively Means...

Patience, in Greek, figuratively means, "taking time to boil."

Patience isn't naive. It does not ignore misbehavior. It just keeps the flame low. It waits. It listens. It's slow to boil. This is how God treats us. And, according to Jesus, this is how we should treat others.

Patience is the red carpet upon which God's grace approaches us.

- Excerpts from "A Love Worth Giving" by Max Lucado

Sabi ng Puso Ko, Mahal Ko...

Sabi ng puso ko, "mahal ko siya."
Sabi ng utak ko, "Huwag! Hindi tama!"

Sabi ko naman, "Oh, baka ikaw atay, bituka, kidney! Baka gusto ninyo ding magcomment?!"

Wahehehehehe ;D

See Yourself As An Artist...

See yourself as an artist; your life as a race and God as your coach.

He will always be there to guide and train you, but you have to run the race on your own.

Good day and God bless you. ;)

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Admit Your Mistakes Before...

Admit your mistakes before someone exaggerates the story. ;)

A Doctor & An Engineer Fell In Love With...

A doctor and an engineer fell in love with the same girl. The engineer had to attend a seminar for a week. The engineer told the girl, "I'll be away for a week and I have a present for you. But please do not open it 'til I leave."

When she unwrapped the box, she found 7 apples with a note saying, "An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away."

Hehehe =P

A Fast Beating Heart Does Not Always Mean...

A fast beating heart doesn't always mean love.

A blushing face is not always a sign that you're in love.

Sometimes, amats lang yun, 'tol! Hehe ;P

Imagine A Gay Coaching A Basketball Team...

Imagine a gay guy coaching a basketball team:

"Keber sa mga chakang kalaban! Just focusing, okay? We cannot afford to Luz Valdez. Getlakin ninyo yung last free throwingness! Windangin yung mga chenes na julaban! Okay? Go for the gold to the highest leveling mga chorva! Gow lang! Gowlalu mga friendships! O tara, group hug na akembangins!"

Hahahaha! ;D Ano raw?

Sabi Nila Nasa Akin Na Daw Ang...

Sabi nila nasa akin na daw ang lahat. Ang sabi ko naman, "Yehey!"

Nye?! Achecheche! =P

The Best Way To Walk Each Day...

The best way to walk each day is not with nice shoes, but by walking with God, not only by feet but with faith in your heart. A blessed day ahead! :)

It's Fatal To Believe Into Something That...

It's fatal to believe into something that for sure won't happen, but it's pretty damn deadly not to hope for a bit.

Good day to you, friend! ;D

Melanie, Janina, at Badminton.

Janina: Paturo naman ng Badminton.

Melanie: Hawakan mo lang ang raketa na parang ari ng lalaki.

Janina: Ganito ho ba?

Melanie: Gagang 'to! Huwag mong isubo!

Nyahahahaha ;D Masayang araw! ;)

What Is The Difference Between A...

What is the difference between a panty and the sky?

Siret? The sky covers the entire population while a panty covers the source of population! Nyahahaha ;P

Somewhere Between Heartaches And Waiting...

Somewhere between heartaches and waiting comes another chance to be found by someone who can show you that you don't deserve to be just an OPTION but the CHOICE. ;)

Nanay, Anak, at Grades.

Nanay: Ang imong grado puros rid ang kulor?
Anak: Naobosan pu ng bulpen si Ma'am, 'nay!
Nanay: Ano ni ang mga "F" dine?
Anak: Ah, ang mineng nyaan, 'nay, ay "FASA"!

Nyahahahaha! ;D

You Have Not Lived Today Until...

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who cannot pay you back. - John Bunyan, The Pilgrim's Progress

As I Read A Book, It's Hard...

As I read a book, it's hard to turn into another page unless you understand the first one. Just like love, it's hard to go on with the new unless you are over with your past.

Crew, Customer, and Fast food.

Fast food crew: Ma'am, ano po ang order ninyo?
Customer: One large burger and large softdrink.
Fast food crew: Dito po ba ninyo kakainin?
Customer: Pwede sa table na lang? Nakakahiya kasi, may mga nakapila dito sa likuran ko eh.

Nyahahaha ;P

It Is Better To Be Single...

It is better to be single yet inspired than to be in a relationship yet confused. Hehe ;P Mabuhay Singles!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

I Used To Be His Princess...

I used to be his princess and he used to be my prince. Then suddenly the witch stole him from me. I thought of fighting, but then I saw him happy with his new princess. Do I need to fight for my one true love? Or just accept the fact that sometimes witches are better than princesses.


Whatever Life Gives You, Even If It...

Whatever life gives you, even if it hurts you, just be strong and act like the way you always do because strong walls just shake, but never collapse!

Minsan, Ang Ibang Tao...

Minsan, ang ibang tao, kapag tinignan mo, kalog. Kapag naging kaibigan mo, gusto laging masaya. Pero ang hindi mo alam, kapag mag-isa na lang din iyon, napapagod din siya sa ikot ng mundo at kaya lang din niya nakakayanan ay dahil sa mga kaibigang niyang tulad ninyo... tulad mo. ;)

The First Step Towards Getting Somewhere...

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.

As You Close Your Eyes Tonight...

As you close your eyes tonight, I'm sending you my prayers to heavenly God making sure you sleep tight and tomorrow you wake up with a joyful light. ;)

Shelter Yourself With God's Love...

Shelter yourself with God's love because with Him by your side, you're sure to withstand life's strong winds and heavy rains. God bless you always!

The Stolen Glance Is The Oldest...

The stolen glance is the oldest trick we know yet it's definitely the most obvious sign of hidden admiration.

No Matter How Painful Your...

No matter how painful your decision has bee, as long as you can sleep well, it means that you made the right choice. ;D

A Word of Love Gives Inspiration To...

A word of love gives inspiration to life. A word of care gives happiness to the heart. A Word of God gives direction and meaning to our lives. God bless! :)

Sometimes You Just Have To Bitch...

Sometimes you just have to bitch around to let others be aware of their boundaries.

They Said If Love Becomes Painful...

They said if love becomes painful, it's time to let that love go. I say that if love is true, pain is never a reason to let go.

Carry Yourself In Such A Way That...

Carry yourself in such a way that when the people of the world are sitting, you would be standing. And when the world stands out, you'll be outstanding. And when the world dares to be outstanding, you'd be the standard.

If Somebody Is Taking Advantage of...

If somebody is taking advantage of your feelings knowing that you love him/her, then tell him/her this: "I'm just in love with you, but I'm not desperate."


A Mother's Eyes So Often Shine...

A mother's eyes so often shine with laughter, joy, or tears....and with the pride of seeing children blossom through the years. A mother's lips give kisses, cautions, praise, and good advice. She shares her faith and values through hard work and sacrifice. A mother's hands are busy trying to meet her children's needs, but quick to give applause whenever one of them succeeds. Throughout her children's lives, a mother plays a vital part. She is their shining star, their inspiration, and their heart.

Happy Mother's Day! ^_^

Of Course, There's Such A Thing As...

Of course, there's such a thing as angels. Only sometimes they don't have wings, and we call them mothers. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in your life! Ü

Saturday, 3 May 2008

When We Celebrate Easter...

When we celebrate Easter, we're celebrating the miracle, gift, and promise of an ever-loving God.

Wishing you the Miracles of Easter! ;)

~ From Bouie of TXM8S

Whenever We See The Cross...

Whenever we see the cross, may it always be a sign of life and hope, and a reminder of God's everlasting love.

Blessed Easter! :)

I Am Responsible To God For The...

I am responsible to God for the talent He has given me. We have different gifts, according to grace given us.

God Is Good...

God is good for beyond the darkness He gives us light, beyond our nightmares He gives us dreams, and beyond our tears He gives us comfort.

So with this new day that He has provided, let us thank Him even if our plans fail, and our expectations not reached for beyond these things is God's embrace saying, "My child, the path I have laid for you is just beyond the corner. Take my hand and have faith."

It's When You Smile That You Are Able...

It's when you smile that you are able to hide every damn pain you have inside, but it's also when you smile that you create the biggest and most hurtful lie.

Trusting God in Everything Is...

Trusting God in everything is the softest pillow on which to rest and the hardest rock to stand on.

A Person Who Truly Loves You...

A person who truly loves you is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else still believes in the smile on your face.

Awww... ;)

Ang Babae Ay Parang Eroplano...

Ang babae ay parang eroplano--kaya kang dalhin sa langit. Kaya nga lang, tulad ng eroplano, high maintenance!

Nyahahaha ;P

Half The Trouble of This Life Can...

Half the trouble of this life can be traced by saying YES too quickly and not saying NO soon enough.

Words of Wisdom From Women...

Words of wisdom from women of all ages:

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.

For lovely eyes, seek out good in people.

For beautiful hair, let a child run his/her fingers through it once a day.

For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.

People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.

Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms.

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands: one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others.

Kung May Nagtanong Sa Iyo Na...

Kung may nagtanong sa iyo na: "Ano gawa mo?",ang pinakamagandang sagot diyan ay, "Wala! Gusto mo gawa tayo?"

Nyehehehehe ;D

Dad, Anak, & Superman...

Dad: (holding two toys, letting his son choose) Si Barbie ba o si Superman?
Anak: Superman, dad!
Dad: Good choice! (umalis si Dad)
Anak: Gwapo mo, Superman! Naka-umbok pa! Shocks!

Ahahahaha ;D

Boy 1, Boy 2, & Gulpi!

Boy 1: Bro, nakipagbreak girlfriend ko! Pinadala pa sa akin pics nila ng bagong boyfriend niya sa motel.

Boy 2: Oh? Eh ano ginawa mo?

Boy 1: Ayun, pinadala ko sa tatay niya. Haha! Gulpi siya, boy, gulpi!

Sometimes It Is Not Love...

Sometimes it's not love. Sometimes you just become so attached that you've developed a need for that person. Yes, just a need, not love. So true, di ba? ;(

Letter L, Little Miss Philippines, Ms. Gay, and Bb. Pilipinas World.

Host: Contestants, identify an organ in the human body that starts with the letter "L".

Little Miss Philippines: The LUNGS! Without it, we cannot breathe. I thank you.

Miss Gay: The LIVER! Without it our body will weaken because it cleanses our system.

Binibining Pilipinas World 2008: I'm only 17 years old and my answer is the L-BOW! Oh my gad! Ahahahahaha! I'm so sorry! Without it we cannot spread our wings and fly... butterfly! I told you I was conpident. ;)

ü ö