Saturday, 12 December 2009

I Had Let Go Of What I...

I had let go of what I thought I owned.

It hurts, yes, a lot actually.

But, getting through each day made me realize that the world will just keep on turning and I have to continue breathing even if he's not around so I got to move on.

Face the world after he stepped on it and prove that I can be better that what he used to see in me.

Ang Nagmamahal Sa Iyo Minsan...

Ang nagmamahal sa iyo minsan nakakalimutan mo.

Minsan nababalewala mo.
Ginagawa mong tanga.
Syempre kasi "mahal ka nga naman".

Pero kung iisipin mo, minsan lang siya dumaan, nakuha mo pang saktan. ;(

You Have To Decide What Is More...

You have to decide what's more important to you: keeping your pride and getting nothing, or taking a risk, and maybe, maybe, having everything.

When Someone Asked Me About My...

When someone asked me about my relationship with my ex that didn't work out, I simply answer:

Religion. Hindi kasi marunong sumamba sa tunay na Diyosa!

Hehehe =D

What Is A Short Thing That Gets...

What is a short thing that gets longer when you hold it, passes between your breasts, and enters into a hole?

Hehehe. I like how you think but it's a car's seat belt. =P

Some People Misunderstand My...

Some people misunderstand my attitude, some get hurt by the way I talk while others get angry with how I stare. But what can I do if that's the real me?

Sorry if I'm not perfect but I'm definitely not fake! Hmpf! :|

You Are Like A Bubble That Is So...

You're like a bubble that is so fascinating. I get so amazed watching the way you float on air, and I just cannot take my eyes off you.

But, just like a kid, I know where I stand. I'm afraid that if I dare touch you, you'd pop out and disappear.

I'll do what no kid has thought of doing--I promise to catch you with my shampoo-filled bottle... just to keep you. =)

Everyday God Thinks of You...

Everyday God thinks of you (Psalms 68:19).

Every hour God looks after you (2 Thes 3:3).

Every minute God cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).

Because every second He loves you (Jer 31:3).

Good day! God bless you! :)

Sometimes I Wish One Could Read...

Sometimes I wish one could read the minds of other people. But I guess God did not give us that gift so we could have the chance to trust and be trusted. ;)

Never Think That You Are Not...

Never think that you are not good enough for anyone; instead, always ask yourself if they are good enough for you.

What Is The Difference Between Bravery, Sacrifice...

What's the difference between bravery, sacrifice, confidence, and trusting?

Bravery is saying NO to what you believe is a No.

Sacrifice is saying NO to what you think is a Yes.

Confidence is saying YES to what you think is a YES. And,

Trusting is saying YES to what you think is a big No.

May you be guided throughout the day, friend! ü

Will You Wish For More If You...

Will you wish for more if you have this?

A person who calls almost every hour just to say he/she loves you.

A person who desperately hugs you every time you fight.

A person who holds your hand and clasp not tightly but gently.

A person who stares at you as if you're the only one around.

A person who sings songs even if he/she does not have a good voice.

A person who pulls you in the rain and dances with you.

Lastly, a person who pulls you back in his/her arms even after you've pushed him/her away.

Awww =)

Para Akong Isang Libong Piso...

Para akong isang libong piso na nakakalat sa lupa.

Inaangkin ng iba, di naman kanila.

Wahahaha =D

Misunderstanding The Weetness of a Person...

Misunderstanding the sweetness of a person might hurt you when you thought all along that it was love.

Ang sad naman... ;'(

A Rich Lawyer Was in His Limousine...

A rich lawyers was in his limousine when he saw two (2) men on the road eating grass. He stopped to talk to them.

Lawyer: Why are you eating grass?
Man 1: We don't have money. My family is starving.
Lawyer: Come to my house and eat there.
Man 1: I have a wife and two kids.
Lawyer: It's okay, take them with you.
Man 2: I also have a wife and five kids.
Lawyer: Then more the merrier!
Men: You are so kind!
Lawyer: You will love to eat at my estate. The grass is almost two feet tall!

Wonk, wonk, wonk ~ ;-P

Saturday, 5 December 2009

No Matter How Our Dreams May Seem...

No matter how our dreams may seem unreachable, dream them anyway.

No matter how we've been hurt by the people we love, love them anyway.

No matter how hard life is, live it anyway.

No matter how our prayers seem unanswered, pray them anyway.

God will always make a way! =)

You Don't Have To Forget Someone You...

You don't have to forget someone you love. What you need to learn is how to accept the verdict of reality without being bitter or sorry for yourself.

Satan Was Complaining To The Lord...

Satan was complaining to the Lord, "You're unfair! So many sinners do wrong and you take them back. Some come back a dozen times and you always welcome them. I made one big mistake and you condemn me forever. It's unfair!"

The Lord said, "Did you ever ask for forgiveness?" ;)

Lolo, Lola, Makakalimutin...

Lolo at Lola nag-uusap...
Lolo: Kuha mo ako ng ice cream sa ref.
Lola: Sige!
Lolo: Ice cream ha! Huwag mag-uulyanin.
Lola: Ako ulyanin? Ikukuha pa kita ng favorite mong vanilla ice cream!
Lolo: Naalala mo pa paborito ko ah! Galing!

Lola punta kusina, balik dala hotdog.
Lolo: Ano 'yan? Ulyanin ka talaga!
Lola: Bakit?
Lolo: Nakalimutan mo yung ketchup! Duh?!

Nyahaha! Sino kaya sa kanila ang mas ulyanin? ;P

Inday, Ate, at Medical Chorvaness...

Inday: Ati, kilangan daw hu ipaEXTRAY ang olo ni diyunyor!
Mother: Gaga, anong EXTRAY?!
Inday: Anu pu ba dafat?
Mother: CTSKULL! Boba!

Nyahaha! ;P

A Sweet Fight Between BF & BF...

A sweet fight between BF and GF.

GF: Ayoko na talaga! Dadalhin ko na lahat ng akin. Di na ako babalik!
BF: Hoy, babae! May nakalimutan ka!
GF: ANO??!!
BF: Ako...

Aawww... Hanep sa banat! ;)

Each Pearl Is Formed By An Oyster's...

Each pearl is formed by an oyster's internal response to a wound caused by an irritant such as a grain of sand. The final result is a lustrous pearl.

Something beautiful is created that would have been impossible without the wound. So, if you're in pain, remember: no wounds, no pearls! Adversities are often blessing in disguise. ;P

Barker, Pasahero, at Cubao...

Barker ng bus: Ah, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao, cubao,!

Pasahero: Bossing, cubao?

Nyahaha! Putik, sarap sipain papuntang Cubao yung pasahero, lol ;P

Prayer Ng Mga Kikay...

Prayer ng mga Kikay: In the name of the POWDER and of the BLUSH-ON and of the GLOSSY LIPSTICK, SALAMEN.

 Hahaha ;o)

In This World, Someone Stands Behind...

In this world, someone stands behind, silently loving us. Reaching out His hand when we've fallen; encouraging us when we're tested and in fear; understanding us when no one does; painting us the light when we're in the dark.

God deserves a pause, a kiss, a "Thank You" because we're wrapped in a beautfiul truth that we're loved without measure.

God bless! ;)

Mom, Daughter, and Duty.

Isang gabi:

Mom: Papauwi ka na ba? Asan ka na?
Daughter: Andito po ako sa ospital, Ma.

Her mom then cried tremendously.

Mom: Anong nangyari sa iyo at nandiyan ka, anak ko? Huhuhu...
Daughter: Ma, naman! Nurse ako at duty ko ngayon. Sowsginoo!

Nyahahaha ;D

Two of The Hardest Tests In...

Two of the hardest tests in life:

(1) the patience to wait for the right moment; and
(2) the courage to accept that you've waited for nothing.

Having Someone Like You In My Life...

Having someone like you in my life gives me so many reasons to smile, to be thankful, to be proud and say, "See? I got the greatest friend in the world."

Awww ;D

How To Keep Someone?

How to keep someone?

Try to be perfect but don't be.

Be considerate but don't tolerate.

Be good but not too nice.

Be consistent but not persistent.

And best of all? Just love and never ask anything in return.

Keep In Mind That God Is Your Greatest...

Keep in mind that God is your greatest companion because no matter how imperfect you are and no matter what happens in your life, God will still be there to give you the greatest love you've always wanted.

Blessed day to you! ;)

ü ö